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  • Custom Built PC's

    At BCSN, our computers are built to the specification of the client so maximum performance can be achieved.

     whether the computer be used for basic office use or as an industrial high performance graphics machine, we provide our clients with solution to meet there requirements.


  • Custom Built High Performance Servers

    99% of company data is stored one main computer, the Server. This computer is the most hard working machine in the building and must be nothing less than bomb proof. At BCSN we build our servers at the highest quality using nothing less than full Intel components, ensuring the very best in quality performance.


  • Up-Grades

    Technology changes everyday, and trying to keep at the forefront of e-commerce is a difficult job, requiring your PC to have more Memory faster processors and larger data storage capacity. So what ever your requirements we can upgrade your PC with the latest in hardware or software changes available.

  • Diagnostic Tools and Data Retrieval

    Our workshop is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools from Microscope, Maxtor and Segate. We are also equipped with data retrieval software and are able to retrieve lost data from corrupt or inaccessible hard disks and other USB and smart card media.

  • Repairs

    Although as technology progress computers are becoming more and more reliable, they are still prone to power surges and electronic failure making repairs necessary. And as our clients rely very strongly on computers we try to make any repairs as quick and least disruptive as possible.

  • Virus / Spyware Removal

    virus and spyware are the most annoying faults suffered, and unfortunately with the introduction of broadband every PC connected to the internet is at risk. Ever wondered why you have suddenly started receiving pop-up's even when you are not even using the internet, the reason is at some point you have mistakenly clicked a button that you thought was just downloading a screen-saver or hot-bar and in addition has downloaded and installed third party advertising software.

  • VPN Remote Access

    With the increase of faster broadband growing every day, the convenience of operating your in-office PC while sitting at home has become more and more reliable. VPN and Remote Access programs such as Remotely Anywhere, allow users to log on to the office network or remote operate and transfer files from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


Business Computer Systems Northern Ltd  since 1993